Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Texican

This is another Audie Murphy movie and the connection to ASJ is that it also stars Broderick Crawford (Dreadful Sorry, Clementine and The Man Who Robbed the Bank at Red Gap). The Texican is from 1966 and is only 88 minutes long, which was good because although the plot sounded interesting, the actual movie held my interest only due to its two stars.

Murphy plays an ex-sheriff with a price on his head and Crawford is the despot who had his brother, a newspaperman, killed. The setting is Rim Rock, Texas, which immediately brought to mind Red Rock from ASJ. Crawford's character was totally differently from how he played Winford Fletcher, although physically he looks the same and was immediately recognizable--here, he is the embodiment of evil, not a bumbling, clue-less crook.

To me, The Texican was more melodrama than drama. But if you like Audie Murphy, and I do, and want to see an ASJ guest star in a completely different kind of role, this move may be worth watching.