Sunday, August 30, 2009

El Diablo

This is an HBO movie broadcast in 1990. It stars Louis Gossett, Jr., and Anthony Edwards. While The Bounty Hunter is one of my top five favorite ASJ episodes, I cannot say that El Diablo is one of my favorite Westerns.

Edwards is a schoolteacher who decides to rescue one of his students who has been kidnapped, even though he has no idea of how to go about doing that. He meets up with Gossett's character, who is a cross between a bounty hunter, a lawman, a cowboy and a drifter.

Together, they have lots of adventures as they track the gang that is holding the girl. Some of the dialog was witty but there also seemed to be a lot of tongue-in-cheek comments, and much of the action was, in my opinion anyway, unrealistic and unbelievable. Not even Robert Beltran of Star Trek: Voyager and Branscombe Richmond of Renegade, who also appeared in El Diablo, could save this movie for me.