Saturday, August 29, 2009

Broken Lance

This was one of the first Westerns I watched, because Robert Wagner starred in it and It Takes A Thief was one of my favorite TV shows when I was younger. But the opening credits revealed a surprise: Earl Holliman (Wheat, of course; no need to list his episodes!) and Katy Jurado (Carlotta, Senor Armendariz's sister in The McCreedy Feud) also starred in Broken Lance!

This 1954 movie stars Spencer Tracy as the patriarch of a ranching family and is about the conflict between Wagner's character, playing one son, whose mother was Jurado's character, and his three half-brothers, one of whom was played by Holliman.  Other conflicts are between Jurado and her three stepsons, between the ranching family and local Indians, and between Wagner's character's love interest and her family, who disapproves. There's lots of action and drama, as can be imagined!

Katy Jurado was easy to spot but I had to look up Earl Holliman's character on the Internet to place him, and then rewatch his scenes, because he looked very different from his role in ASJ. Of course this movie was almost twenty years earlier!