Monday, June 24, 2019

Renamed, Revised, and Resurrected!

You may have noticed there is a 3-year gap between the previous blog entry and this one.  No, nothing terrible happened; I just put this blog on hold after getting involved with other activities in my new home in Arizona.  But after attending the Western Writers of America Convention in Tucson in June, which was wonderful, I got inspired to start blogging again. 

But I’ve decided to shift the focus a bit and expand the scope of the blog.  Instead of being primarily concerned with finding connections to Alias Smith and Jones in the movies, I’ve decided to post general reviews of movie Westerns, regardless of whether there is an ASJ tie-in or not.  Consequently, some reviews may not mention ASJ at all.

Renamed, Revised, and Resurrected: The "New" Blog | Picturing the West
ASJ card in a deck of cards featuring TV Westerns
And there will be more reviews of books related to the Old West, and maybe even the contemporary West, than there were before.  Also, I will blog about places I visit in the West.  Now that I live here, I can do that more often.  I may even just post photographs I take, although it’s more likely you can find them on my Instagram account.

So although the blog will still revolve around movie Westerns, there will be more entries about other aspects of the West.  As a result, I’ve decided to rename the blog to better reflect its purpose.  Just in case the title isn't clear enough, the tagline makes things explicit.  I also revised the earlier posts by cleaning up a lot of the links which were no longer working. 

I’ll try to post once a month, but I make no promises.  When I do post something new, I’ll also announce it on my Instagram, so you might want to follow me there.  Just click here to do that.  I hope you like this “new” blog!