Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Heaven's Gate

Review of Heaven's Gate | Leslie Silverlove
I’ll make this short.  Unlike the movie, which seemed interminable because I watched the director’s cut which ran 3 hours and 39 minutes long.

I know that revisionist history says Heaven’s Gate, about the Johnson County War in Wyoming, is a masterpiece.  And I watched it for that reason and also because several ASJ episodes in the 3rd season dealt with the Johnson County War (Bushwhack!, What Happened at the XST?, Witness to a Lynching). 

But I just couldn’t get into it; the action moved waaay too slowly for me.  It was also hard to keep all the characters straight.  Also, some of the scenes strained my credulity and just didn’t seem realistic to me.  I especially didn’t like the ending.  On the other hand, the cinematography was beautiful and the set design was great.