Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hell To Pay

The plot sounded intriguing: Two brothers, one a Northern soldier and the other a gambler with a noticeable Southern accent, try to win favor with the same young lady shortly after the end of the Civil War; something happens and they find themselves opposing each other. 

But not even the presence of James Drury (Lom in the Pilot) and Lee Majors (Joe Briggs in The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone) could overcome the deficits of Hell to Pay, which resembled a TV movie of the week more than a feature film.  Actually, I never even saw Lee Majors in this 2005 movie as I stopped watching after about twenty minutes -- I just couldn’t take the extremely poor acting any longer.

A seven-minute bonus feature promoted SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society, and was mildly interesting.  Another bonus feature called "Blast from the Past" profiled Buck Taylor, Peter Brown, William Smith, Stella Stevens, and Andrew Prine about their careers; unfortunately, it also interspersed scenes from Hell to Pay among the interviews with the actors.

Even at only 89 minutes, that was one hour more than I wanted to spend on Hell to Pay!